Thursday, May 6, 2010

Terrorist alert

The area for the proposed new campus has provided a much-needed outlet for three of us since last September. The two guys run around the 45-acre property; I walk and look at the flowers and the birds and take pictures and most importantly get outside almost by myself!
Once in the past few months there was talk of not allowing us to go due to an insufficient number of guards available to stay with us. I forgot to mention: we have a driver and an escort and an additional armed guard along with the guards (armed) that are 'stationed' on the property. But, we got past that problem and recently we have been going two or three times a week.
Yesterday we got this from the administration:

"Dear All: We have just received a security alert that the new campus property may be a target of terrorist activity. For this reason; until further notice the new campus property is off limits to all AUAF Staff, Faculty and Students. All activities planned for this site are hereby cancelled until further notice. We regret this inconvenience and will let you know as soon as
access can be restored."
Well, swell! Here's some of what I'll be missing over the next few weeks.

The snow hasn't quite melted off the surrounding moutains.

Wildflowers and the Darulaman Palace.
This succulent, growing in large clumps throughout the property, was just about to burst into bloom the last time I saw it.
One of the other many wildflowers blooming.

A variety of morning glory, maybe.

A poppy - not THE poppy, but commonly known as a corn poppy.

A shoe tree..Remants of the Soviet presence.

Reminders of the US presence.

Workers harvesting the weeds (alfalfa?) using a scythe.
And here's my buddy. He's a new addition and not yet one of the wild and scary dogs that hang around the property. He's not skittish around humans (Afghans have been known to throw rocks at dogs) and seemed to adopt me the last time I walked. He alternated between following me and urging me to hurry up.

And then he took time out to do doggy thingsI hope I get to go back before I leave.

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