Tuesday, May 4, 2010

leaving - part 2

Of course, the first thing I'm going to do when I get home is give my son, Jason, the biggest hug. I have missed him dreadfully. Next, my two kitties, Mojo and Slick, will get a love. I hope they remember me.

And then...After driving my car... maybe a steak, french fries and a salad with blue cheese dressing would be next on the list.

'Buildings' is my next folder of photos. Here's a selection.
This is the old Soviet Cultural Center - still sporting its bomb holes. It's said that addicts hang out here now. The story is that the Soviets (whoever they are these days) still own the property so nothing can be done about tearing it down.The Center must have been quite a beauty in its day.

I'm not sure what 'dehmaizaing' means?

More remnants of the civil war in the 90's.
Here's the City Center - home of the only escalator in Afghanistan. It doesn't work. This building was damaged in February when bombs (apparently targeting Indian nationals) went off almost next door killing 17 people.

Here's what many many buildings still look like here.
But there are some newer ones.
Kabul also has some magnificent homes.
Just not many of them.

This may be an apartment complex.

Here's the centrepiece of a roundabout here. I don't know what it represents.

A movie theatre that I can't visit.

These are wedding halls - a really big (and expensive) deal here. And then for many women, their life is OVER.

Then there's this building, next to a park in our neighborhood.

I'm guessing that nobody that can read English would utilize this facility. I wouldn't.

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