Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'll be leaving Kabul at the end of May. I am so excited about getting back to the States. I am so sad about leaving Afghanistan.

First thing to do in the States: drive my car.

Last thing to do here: look at the mountain outside my window and be enchanted with the beauty of this country.

Here are some more photos of life here through the eyes of my camera and through the window of the security van.

'Animals' is first in my filing system so here are some shots of the 4-legged members of Afghan society and how they're integrated into daily life here.
The goats... And I'm told that these pellets are goat droppings ...
used as fertilizer in our garden.

And sheep. Sometimes a donkey hangs out, too.

Part of the traffic 'flow.' Another donkey interloper.
And dogs. Many 'wild' dogs roam the sreets, particularly at night. A rabies shot is a good idea before coming here.

This dog has an owner and he was seen patiently waiting for him to return. Few Afghans have dogs; dogs are generally considered dirty.
Here's one of the sad horses that waits outside school.
This one was dressed for the occasion. I think he hopes that none of his friends see him in this array.

Here's a workhorse just trying to get through the day.
This is a sacrificial lamb - er 'ram.'
This horse and rider were seen along Darulaman Road, one of the main thoroughfares.
Then there's the peacocks next door. Here it looks like the female is making a run for it while the male is busily the wrong direction.
Here he is in full regalia.
It's lucky for peacocks that the male is so gorgeous since he has an incredibly irritating call - enough to turn off the female of any species, I would guess.
The mountain from my window:

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