Friday, March 12, 2010

Rock concert

Last week the Music Club held a rock concert at the University.
It was to benefit one of the local 'camps' - tent cities of displaced people from the provinces. First on the agenda was traditional music -

And traditional dancing by the young men.

Attan dancing.

The young women sat and watched.

I asked one of the female students who I see hanging out and talking with male students on campus "why don't you get up and dance?" "The boys will think differently of me," she said.
Dancing, of course, means moving your body. Sexual!
I've been told that women will dance with men at, say, a wedding where all the men are close relatives. Or they will dance in the same room with men if there's a curtain between the sexes. I'm sad for how much fun they all are missing.

Then came the rock band.

Kabul Dreams - a local group.The dancing morphed into jumping up and the young men.

The young women sat and watched.

I had a good time. It's a shame western men don't do more dancing with one another -- it's a sight to behold and certainly makes my heart beat faster.

The campus that night.

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