Monday, March 1, 2010

winter came

and went before I had time to post some pictures. By all accounts it's been a most unusually mild winter, with only a few uncomfortably cold days. Not like the horror winters we had heard about. There was one slight snowfall - and it snowed on and off for a few days.

Here are the first flakes. We were out at the time - buying groceries and other adult beverage stuff.Leftover from the holidays, but now covered in snow. I look at this picture and I miss the US.

Here's one of the neighbors shoveling snow -- from his roof.

Me and my hearty exercise mates continued to walk and run at the 'new campus' property just below the ever-photogenic Darulaman Palace.

Me wending my way around the soccer field - and around - and around...

Saplings on a misty path.
and comings and goings.

Another wintry shot at the new campus.

The current University grounds.

Homeward bound.

And then the snow melted and the frozen ground turned to....

Winter's pretty much gone now - still a bit chilly at times - and rainy. But it's not bad.

I'm looking forward to spring.

So is this rosebush in the guesthouse garden.


  1. Hello from Charleston, SC, I have been following your blog since II read the article about your adventure in the Post and Courier last August. Greg Mortenson, the author of Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools, will be speaking at the College of Charleston In November and if you are back in Charleston this Fall I would love to have you also speak about your year living and teaching in Afghanistan. You may reach me at . Take care and thank you so very much. Maria Mansfield Richardson

  2. I think old lamb is mutton.....
    Nice to get an update and some great photos.
    Spring finally made it to Charleston today!