Saturday, March 6, 2010

children of Kabul

Walking the street outside the guesthouse.

This little girl was charming the pants off our escort and the other men in the van. She finally got in the van, making herself to home. We all had to give her money.
Story is that these young beggars have someone who's 'working' them and a portion of the money they get goes to these 'pimps.' Some of us when we see the beggar children at the vegetable/fruit stands on the street will buy them fruit, rather than give them money. Then it's theirs. What a mess.
Here's another cutey-pie - but begging.

This little girl followed the car for several blocks, perhaps offering to clean his windscreen. He wasn't interested.
I didn't understand the word 'begging' until I came here. It isn't just asking one time, or a second time, or a third's begging - asking over and over and over again until finally...or you just ignore the situation entirely.

This child and his mom stood outside one of the grocery stores frequented by the foreigners (me) on the weekends.

This young man was selling a local 'what's happening guide' which is given away - for free - in the shops. Enterprising!

He's picking up trash (recycling?) along Lake Qurghur, just outside Kabul.

Hanging out.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but little brother is clearly following big brother.
These two children were outside a displaced persons camp. Many are from Helmand Province in the south, moving here to escape the Taliban. Some have been here for years. They live in tents.
The people are considered 'internally displaced' - not refugees from another country. Since they're not refugees, the United Nations isn't 'responsible' for them. They're Afghanistan's problem and Afghanistan and President Karzai are doing nothing.
The escort said the little girl wanted us to take her with us.

And here's trouble brewing!
and here.

A lot of waiting around goes on in this country - even among the young.

My kite seller.

I think they're playing the local game similar to marbles.

Something's going on here. Unusual because a girl is involved!

Kite flying.

They're on a mission of some sort.

These young girls are oblivious to the shopkeeper's leer.

Selling ice cream, maybe?


Sister chasing little brother.


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