Friday, April 23, 2010

spring rain?

Kabul doesn't have April Showers, per se. I haven't experienced a 'downpour' here - they're drizzles - maybe for an hour or so, maybe for five minutes.
The storm warning, however, is scary.
The light changes.

The sky darkens.

And the sun is taken over.

But then...nothing or, perhaps, a drizzle.

Very rarely thunder is part of the storm warning. Not a pleasant sound here - sounds like an explosion when woken from a sound sleep.

And sometimes there is a rainbow.

My housemate said this was the first rainbow (hard to see, I know) she'd seen in her 15 months here.

Rarely the holes outside our guesthouse get enough water to form a puddle!
It is slightly raining in this shot. The umbrella on the ground is actually being held over a man's head who is standing in the ditch - presumably digging, when not holding the umbrella.

My shadow over the cracked dry earth. It will turn to a powder as the season ages and the 'drought' continues.

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