Tuesday, September 22, 2009

curious stuff

Here's the greeter at one of the local western grocery stores. When plugged in, Santa sways and plays the sax - some jazz tune that I couldn't identify.
A choice amongst the soups and a new one on me. It's not made from a tail-dropping lizard. It's a traditional Scottish soup made originally from a shin of beef but here from smoked haddock. I bought a can. Saving it for that special occasion!
USAID - Agency for International Development - is part of the State Department and partially funds the American University in Afghanistan.

If you need photos taken for one of the myriad reasons you need photos here, you might try this little shop and choose this background -- Mickey and friends.
This is Darulaman Road - a main thoroughfare - which is currently being widened.

Here's the walkover that the SEP group is funding to cross the widened highway. Of all the things that Afghanistan needs, a walkover would seem to be close to the bottom of the list.

Here's the Dunya Institute of Higher Education - with armed guard.

And, finally - billboards - they're everywhere.

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