Thursday, June 3, 2010

last day in Afghanistan

May 31, 2010. Flight to Dubai at 4:30PM, and then at 6:30 14 long long hours to Atlanta and finally to Charleston - and my son - by 9:30 the next morning.

Here are a few shots on my way to school for the final 'dumping' of assets - cell phone and laptop. And on to the airport.

The guesthouse and the the magnificant roses. And the guard shack.

Garbage collection by goat in our 'neighborhood.'
Recyling.Girls in their school uniforms.

The old and the new.

Sometimes it was hard to tell if a building was coming down or going up.

Street sweeping - a hopeless task in dusty Kabul.
A burka-clad woman searching.
Here's a modern young lady with new hat. Her brother looks on - aghast.
Here's the wondrous horse (and cart) that met us most days as we pulled into school. We all knew the horse hated the outfit. He was a stalwart soul.

Two of the security staff cleaning a rug - supposedly. They spray it with water and then 'barefoot' it to get the dirt loose and then spray again. Looked like fun.

The gym at school.
On to the airport.

Outside a mosque.

And, I'm gone. What a ride!


  1. Beautiful pictures...
    Hoped your next visit to the country could be comfortable!

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