Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Street people

Some more shots of the street and its people.

Plastic watering cans.

Standing around!

How many do you count?

Note use of street for walking!

The market just down the road.

Girls in a school uniform . And below - a woman in hers.


They're probably assisting their blue-clad friend across the street. It's difficult to see out of that contraption, particularly if you wear glasses!


  1. A great "snapshot" of everyday life. Thanks for posting these. Such a contrast from everyday life in Folly! Or downtown Charleston.


  2. Oh Penny, Penny. I think I've finally figured out how to post a comment!
    thank you so much for the wonderful photos and for sharing your incredible experience with us.

  3. Hey Penny, I think about you each time I hear "Afghanistan" on the news, which is quite often, as you know. I finally did read "The Places in Between," which I found fascinating. I have to admit, I had not realized that the country was so "4th century" until I read it. I am enjoying your blog very much. Elaine