Saturday, August 29, 2009


Many Afghan homes are surrounded by a wall as is the pictured guesthouse where I'm staying. This one, however, has armed guards at the gate and the wall is topped with razor wire.

The wire doesn't bother the pigeons - or the many neighborhood cats who stroll through the coils in their search for food.It has a garden with magnificent roses.

And a watermelon patch.

One of the guards underneath our grape arbor.

A green roof - Afghanistan style.

Mountains (which surround Kabul) and a flying kite seen from our balcony.

A little cutey-pie!

The University has several guesthouses. Everybody has their own room and bathrooms are shared. There are seven in our house: five women, two men. Four bathrooms, two kitchens and two TV rooms. Lots of space.

The shower curtains regularly detach from the walls, but the hot water is really really hot! Washing machines, but no dryers. Right now it's no problem to dry the clothes outside. We'll see what happens in the winter.

I have lived by myself for many years and was fearful of communal living. It's not so bad. We all work in different areas so there is not the problem of living and working with the same people. Everyone has a good sense of privacy and most of us share a fondness for alcohol. It's working.

There are heating/AC units in all the rooms and we have a housekeeper who even does our dishes.

Considering that I'm not in the States with my two kitties, living conditions here are not too shabby!


  1. Hey Penny,
    You have been in my thoughts.
    Thanks for the photos and description of your living conditions. Sounds like everything is okay now. Have you started classes? I will be watching for any new entries you post. Pat

  2. Classes started on Sunday. That's going to be hard getting used to - working on Sunday.