Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here's what we got yesterday from 'those that know.'

"Good morning,

Please be advised that Security Reports indicate that PARWAN based insurgents intend to conduct rocket attacks on Afghan New Year's Day (21 Mar 10) targeting the SHAR-E NOW area of central KABUL city, Wazir Akbar Khan (WAK), the POL-E CHARKHI area of eastern KABUL city and BAGRAM Airport (possibly also KABUL Airport). The rockets will reportedly be fired from the KOH-E SAFI District of PARWAN. This reports are confirmed however this department recommends no travel to these areas over the up and coming weekend.


And this from our campus security:

"Restrictions on movement into the city are now in place,
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated."

Rockets to celebrate the new year. It sucks.

Spring break starts this week and some of us are leaving town. I understand they're hiring a submarine to transport us to the airport.

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